Stomach Problems, TMJ & Back Pain

"Upon moving to a new state, I began to have stomach issues. These issues lasted for months, and I believe that it was due to much stress in my life. On top of that, I had continued having issues with my back and TMJ. I tried to settle the issues myself, by taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen. However, these medications only covered up the pain, & the issues always returned. When I was introduced to the idea of Chiropractic, I knew that my back problems would probably disappear, as I had heard great things about seeing Chiropractors to alleviate back pain. I never thought that my stomach issues would be resolved. After visiting Dr. Robert, and Cornerstone Family Chiropractic I was amazed! After working through my adjustments with Dr. Robert, my stomach issues are completely gone, my TMJ is much better and my low back pain is completely gone. Dr. Robert and his staff are amazing, and truly care about the health of all of their practice members! I have learned so much in this process of health and healing. I am now living life to the FULLEST!!!"