Letting Go of Harmful Medications

"My pain in my lower back had become so severe, that many times I found myself being restless and very unsettled. The inability to sit for more than two to three hours, was very tiresome and quite the inconvenience. I had visited many different Medical Doctors, in the attempt to relieve my chronic pain. The medical doctors decided to treat the symptoms, by prescribing me Vicaden, and Percoset. As this temporary relief numbed my pain, it always returned. Being under care from Dr. Robert allowed me to feel better so much more quickly, without taking harmful medications. Within a few weeks under his care, I was seeing amazing results. I am so grateful for the care of Dr. Robert and the results that I have seen. I feel like I am in wonderful hands, here at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, and cannot wait to refer friends and family as well."