Athletic Pain Relieved

"Being an athlete, I have always experienced mild aches and pains. After a normal run in the park, I felt unbearable back pain. I was used to the aches and pains of running, but this pain continued to persist for weeks.

I reached out to Dr. Boehland, to help me with this pain that was not subsiding. It had reached the point to where I had to almost crawl to the adjusting table. Dr. Robert, shared with me the benefits of chiropractic as well as the Gonstead technique in which he practiced in his office. After identifying where the problematic area was, with his scope, he made a gentle and quick adjustment.

He was extremely professional and immediately following the adjustment I experienced relief. The next day my symptoms had disappeared. I was so pleased with the results that I had seen, and so happy to be back to myself. Now, I continue to see Dr. Robert for maintenance care and to ensure that I am in proper alignment, as well as a healthy nervous system."