Hip Pain, Back Pain & Leg Aches, no more!

"Before coming to Cornerstone Family, I was very tentative when someone told me that chiropractic care could help me with some of the health issues that I had been struggling with.

Working in construction, my industry took a very hard toll on my hips, legs, and back. Not to mention, the ongoing headaches that I would experience on a regular basis. For about three weeks, I went back and forth with skeptical thinking about receiving chiropractic care, until the pain had made itself so present that I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. I would try taking Motrin to help alleviate the pain, but it did not clear up the problem for long as the pain just continued to come back.

Being a bit nervous, I visited Cornerstone Family Chiropractic where they provided me with a tour of the office, as well as a full education around what I could expect when coming under care with Dr. Boehland. I had heard of so many bad experiences with chiropractic care, that I really wanted to understand the value of how this care would be different and it was going to help me. After Dr. Boehland’s presentation, the processes of neurologically based chiropractic care made sense and I gave it a try! No one had ever taken the time to educate me in what they were going to be doing, nor how it would work to alleviate me of my health issues.

Understanding that I had nerve interference in my neck, Dr. Robert was able to adjust me specifically where I was misaligned. My headaches went away instantly and after some time and additional specific adjustments my hip pain, back pain and leg pain were better as well! I am so impressed with the results I’ve gained and am very grateful that I over came my skeptical opinion to get the help that I needed. I would highly recommend chiropractic care to all those who are in need of feeling better and making sure that they are free of any health burdens that may come up in the future."