Relief from Headaches and Neck Pain

"Upon coming into Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, I was suffering from Headaches and Neck Pain for approximately two weeks. The headaches and neck pain were so severe that I was unable to get a good night sleep nor concentrate in school. Being a student this took a major toll on my overall demeanor.

I’m not a big fan of medication as I know that will only give me temporary relief and not the true correction that I need. I wanted to take a more natural approach. After visiting Cornerstone Family and receiving care I felt an immediate difference in my daily functions. Within one adjustment, I knew that my body was feeling better and removing the pain. Within a short period of time my headaches and neck pain have completely disappeared!

I had referred my wife Megan in, as she was having some pretty hard times with headaches as well. Under care from Dr. Robert, she has seen a great deal of improvement! I would love to recommend principled chiropractic care to anyone who has health issues. Dr. Robert knew exactly what to do, and under his care I know that I can always come to him for any health issues that I may experience in the future."