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Experience the Gonstead Difference

What makes Dr. Boehland and the Gonstead System so special?

Ever since Daniel D. Palmer delivered the first chiropractic adjustment in 1895, chiropractic has come a long way. Today, there are many different systems and methods of caring for people that do not fit within the realm of Principled Chiropractic. These systems and methods are primarily practiced by "Chiropractors" and are often called "Chiropractic", but are generally not specific and would be consider more of a "gross manipulation". The public perception of Chiropractic has thus become watered down to the point where people aren't entirely sure of what they are going to get when they walk into a "Chiropractic" clinic. The most common approach utlized by chiropractors is a “mixed bag” of chiropractic techniques and therapies which typically only address the joint fixation (stiffness) aspect. The Gonstead System on the other hand, is a system developed upon the orginal principles of Chiropractic; finding the CAUSE of your health problems. Dr. Boehland has dedicated himself to many years of being able to specifically analyze the spine as a whole; with emphasis on the nervous system function. There are no two spines alike, therefore the Gonstead System allows Dr. Boehland to conduct a very personalized analysis of each person’s spine and nervous system. The dedication to specificity is the reason why the Gonstead System has been set as the ultimate gold standard for “Hands On” adjusting. There is no substitute or better method for analyzing and correcting spinal subluxations than with a pair of skilled chiropractic hands.

The Gonstead Doctor

Dr. Boehland goes well beyond what many chiropractors consider a spinal assessment, by conducting a very thorough and personalized analysis of your spine using five main criteria.

Visualization is a very quick and efficient method used to cross reference all other findings. Dr. Boehland is proficient in being able to pick up on subtle changes in your posture and movement which may correlate to the underlying problem.

The instrument of choice in the Gonstead System in the Nervoscope. The Nervoscope detects uneven distributions of heat along the spine which can be indicative of inflammation and nerve interference. The instrument is gently glided down the length of your back and will feel like two fingers gliding down each side of your spine.

Static Palpation
This is the process of palpating (or feeling) your spine in a static (or stationary) position. Dr. Boehland will feel for the presence of edema (or swelling), tenderness, and any abnormal texture or tightness of the muscles and other tissues of your back.

Motion Palpation
This process is not an adjusting technique, rather it involves feeling the spine while it is in motion. This enables Dr. Boehland to determine how easily or difficult each vertebral segment in your spine moves in comparison to the others.

X-Ray Analysis
When necessary, x-rays allow Dr. Boehland to visualize the spine in its entirety including: joint and disc integrity, vertebral misalignments, ruling out any pathologies or possible fractures, and accounting for any other abnormal findings that may be present. These full-spine radiographs are taken in a standing and weight bearing position to fully substantiate the examination findings.

"To see is to know, not to see is to guess and we will not guess with yours’ or your family’s’ health"

–Cornerstone Family Chiropractic


The Gonstead Adjustment

After a complete analysis, Dr. Boehland will determine if a chiropractic adjustment is necessary. The focus of the Gonstead adjustment is to be as specific, precise, and as accurate as possible; addressing only the subluxations of the spine. The adjustment is a quick and precise force delivered by hand that is both gentle and effective. Once the adjustment has been made your body can then begin its natural healing process and start to function the way that it was intended to.


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